Welcome to Twin Lakes Community Association

Twin Lakes a proud community in Regina

Twin Lakes in Northwest ReginaLocated in Northwest Regina

Twin Lakes community has well-developed parks in Rochdale, Maple Ridge and Lakewood subdivisions.

Two new housing development were recently developed, Maple Ridge and Skyview subdivisions. It includes two elementary schools.

The Northwest Leisure Centre. Local shopping and services are provided on Rochdale Boulevard and the nearby Sherwood shopping Centre. Read more …

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Program Registration

Fall on-line registration opens Sept 1
Winter on-line registration opens Jan 2
Winter in-person registration is Jan 9 at 7 pm, St. Angela School

Dance / Cheer 

The recital is on Sunday, March 18 at  Martin Collegiate.

  • Show 1 – 12:30 pm for the Monday / Tuesday Dance Classes
  • Show 2 – 1:30 pm for the Wednesday / Thursday Dance Classes
  • Show 3 – 2:30 for the Cheer Classes

Volunteer Opportunities

We currently are looking for a Vice Chairperson to round out our Twin Lakes executive.  There are also numerous opportunities to volunteer throughout the year for different events.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact us at twinlakescommunity@gmail.com